In this challenging time, we have created a beautiful connection with our homes. We have plenty of time for displaying our new innovative and creative skills, let’s end up utilizing it. As we are in our homes 24X7 a feeling of claustrophobic and restlessness is obvious, why not fight against it? 

Stay home, Stay safe! Starting with the home itself, we are providing you with some basic ideas for giving a new and attractive look to your home. 

Your home provides the first impression of your taste and choices, so it should be something that pleases everyone. Your home should be a reflection of your personality. Initially, you should make it clean and well-spaced, all the not utilized things that can’t be used anywhere should be discarded properly, or if reuse, can be utilized. Let’s have a general idea about every room design

Bedroom– It should be most comfortable of all. However, it can be hard to decorate a master bedroom that hits every note — a calm, organized retreat that helps you sleep without sacrificing your personal style and aesthetic. Start with your bed, if you’re going for a luxury look make sure to get quality bedding. Throw on the pillows, adding a few layers of pillows can make a room look stunning. Find inspiration of nature, using a barn door as a headboard, bringing in plants, adding artwork all of these can make a room stand out. To top it off, always add essential oil diffuser.

Kitchen– It is the most important part of the home. And should be properly cleaned, as it has a direct effect on one’s health. Whatever your style — modern farmhouse, clean and contemporary, preppy traditional — there are plenty of ideas. For decorating the kitchen, changes don’t have to focus on big renovations. Simple things such as staining the cabinets, changing cabinet knobs, throwing paint on the wall can make a big change. Storage is a must in the kitchen, you want to make sure you have adequate storage space. It does not have to be actual cabinets, you can have floating shelves, racks, baskets get creative. There are so many options you can do, you can go bold or go simple in the kitchen. By adding a pop of color can  make a kitchen pop, you can add a pop of color in tile, appliances- one time I saw an awesome yellow stove.

Living room– A place where all family members unite. This is one of the rooms that will be lived in often. Personally, I do not want a lot of stuff piled up in the room. I love for the room to have plenty of light. Have tall curtains in the room going from ceiling to floor, wood floors, sofa and two arm chairs. Think outside the box and create a cool coffee table. What I did was use a vintage chest and did penny art on top. I have a side table with a water fountain and essential oils going. The main thing for the living room is to make it comfortable and to not add too many things in the room. Adding live plants will make the room pop with life and fresh air.

Dress up the entryway– One way you can glorify the entryway is by placing a side table when one walks in .To make it more welcoming you may hang up some portraits over it, place some flowers in a beautiful vase on the table. Some modern art ideas can also go along with it. Create a seating area with storage space. Let’s not forget to add hand sanitizer in the times we are living in. I currently have a nice side table with beautiful flowers in a yellow tall vase with Melaleuca Aloe hand sanit at the door so when my family walks back in the home they know exactly what to do..

Home is an enjoyable happy place- where you can laugh, live, and learn. Make an effort to make it more lively for you and your loved ones. Everyone is unique and has the potential to bring the change, by thinking out of the box and exploring new ideas. I hope you create new ideas, and share it with others as well. Roseanna McCoy-Futch

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