With the Coronavirus going on around the world, many shelfs are low on stock of cleaning supplies, ect.. That’s when I got back with a company that offers eco green cleaning products that kills 99% of germs. The smell of the products are awesome and it shipped in a few days. They also offer great smelling hand sanitizer as well as many other great products.

Last month I partnered with Fabletics because they offer great workout gear! I had to try them out especially when Kelly Rowland was an ambassador for them. I wanted to see if they were really what they advertise them to be. I absolutely love the fact that they do not roll down and show your boom-boom. The pockets that they have on them to hold your phone really works. I gave it a great try. I went on a bike ride consisting of 1 1/2 hours and a 1 hour hike and the phone did not fall out not even once. Try it out yourself click the link above to try the membership out today!

New VIP Members Get 2 Leggings for Only $24

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