My visit to “Dress best for less” thrift shop in Piedmont

I gave “Dress best for less” a visit today and was glad I did. With COVID and everything else going in the world I’m like many of you who want to make sure that the shopping store we do visit are in accordance with protecting everyone. Walking into “DBFL” right at the entrance the company has hand sanitizer and gloves for everyone walking in the store. Julia greets everyone that walks in the store. The store has a cozy warm atmosphere. Everything is organized and placed well. You are able to find things for all ages. When talking to Julia she mentioned that If any client tries clothing on that they immediately add heat and steam all clothing. She mentioned at the close of each store they focus on sterilizing everything. They get a 10 from me in following procedures. Their prices are reasonable and they have some nice quality pieces. I look forward to my visit in the near future. Check them out for yourself!

Address: 4020 Piedmont ave Oakland ca or buy online at

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